Mission Statement

Mission and Philosophy of
The Gloucester County Utilities Authority

The Gloucester County Utilities Authority’s mission and organizational values are presented to our Customers, Ratepayers, Employees and other interested parties. The purpose of these statements is to outline the guiding principles for how the Gloucester County Utilities Authority conducts its business and serve as a basis in the development of Authority policies, programs and projects.

Authority Mission

To contribute toward the high quality of life expected and enjoyed by all residents of the Authority’s service area, the county and the region by creatively applying the Authority’s human, technical and financial resources. By following this general principle, the Authority will provide the facilities and services for meeting today’s and tomorrow’s environmental protection and economic development needs without compromising the accessibility to these resources for meeting the needs and desires of future Customers, Ratepayers and generations, at a reasonable cost.

In more specific terms, the Authority’s mission is to:

Protect the public’s health and well-being
Protect, preserve and enhance the quality of our natural environment and ecological systems
Provide the appropriate wastewater facilities and services to support current and future economic development and redevelopment
Provide these facilities and services in a timely fashion
Provide these facilities and services at the Least Possible Cost
Organizational Values

To meet the above stated Mission, the Authority will:

Maintain a problem-solving organization dedicated to addressing the natural tensions between environmental protection and economic development/redevelopment and the needs and desires of current and future Customers and Ratepayers
Provide the Authority’s personnel with the training and skills necessary to identify, understand, and contribute toward meeting our Customers’ day-to-day and longer term needs and desires in a timely, cost effective manner
Maintain a framework of policies that will provide a clear and consistent statement of the Authority’s goals and objectives to its Customers and personnel. This will be accomplished by developing new policies and revisiting existing policies in response to evolving challenges and opportunities.
Adopted: March 11, 1998